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Alexander Suaste

Alexander Started swimming at age three and by 18 he was teaching swimming and self-defense. At age 19 Alexander opened up his first school of aerobics and martial arts.

At age 24 he opened a martial arts and weight training school in London Ontario, at the same time he went to work at Gold’s Gym as a program director before moving to Vancouver British Columbia, where he became a floor manager at Fitness World.

He has also designed various programs for different age groups as well as following programs pre-established by physiotherapists.

Alex has been practicing martial arts the past 22 years, acquiring three black belts and becoming an instructor of three different styles of Kung Fu. His experience in combat arts includes, striking, kicking, grappling and trapping and he has taught and competed in Mexico, Denmark, Canada, and the USA.

To round out his education he has also taken courses in natural medicine covering areas such as acupuncture, massage, sport nutrition, and herbal remedies.

He is also certified in coaching, aerobics and martial arts.

Because of his wide range of expertise he has also had the opportunity to train members of the Vancouver and Delta Police force.


  • Can Fit Pro
  • BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Group Fitness Instructor
  • Martial Arts and Swimming Instructor
  • Easy Zone Certified
  • CPR and First Aid
  • Trainer of Trainer in Sport Balance
  • Strength Training specialist Level 1
  • Corporate Motivational Speaker

  • Alex can be reached at alex@powerplanefitness.com or alex@vencompass.com

    Eric Ah-Yon

    Mr. Eric Ah-Yon is the president of a privately held investment firm, Mickeric Enterprises Ltd., that holds a portfolio of privately held assets and publicly listed companies across various industry sectors.

    He has done extensive due diligence on numerous companies and is knowledgeable in business operations, management, and corporate financing. Eric is also experienced in the real estate development, building construction and property management.

    In addition, he is the President of Vencompass Group Enterprises Ltd., a firm investing primarily in seed and early stage companies requiring private equity financing and Cellbox Solutions Inc., an I.T. based company.

    Eric holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Management from Simon Fraser University and a Diploma of Technology in Building Engineering Technology Economics / Construction Operations from the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

    Eric can be reached at eric@powerplanefitness.com or eric@vencompass.com

    For more information call 604.783.2002 or 604.713.0857

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